Tarp Anchors (pair)

Tarp Anchors (pair)
Item# tarp-anchors-pair

As stated on the Hammock Fan site, Tarp Anchors can be used with a continuous or non-continuous ridge line. It was originally designed for securing the corners of the tarp. I did not like the way my tie out lines got tangled when stored away. I decided to invent a way to keep the line on the stake and only have a loop of line on the tarp. I drilled a hole in the center of the stake and cut slots in the ends. Attach the zing it through the hole, put a Tarp Anchor on the zing it and tie a knot to keep it from falling off. Put a loop on your tarp tie outs and use the Tarp Anchor in the same way you use the Hammock Anchor. The line is wrapped on the stake and the anchor holds it in place for convenient storage.

I also like to attach one to my stuff sacks line and use it to hang my goodies off the ground.

They are very small but because they are attached to a piece of zing it they are easy to handle. They are made of titanium and weigh only 0.85 grams each. You use them with 1.75mm line such as zing it or lash it. I am sure you can come up with many more uses for these little anchors.