We're like you: a couple of guys who got interested in comfort and in lightening our pack loads. Our goal is to keep our gear dead simple and keep our costs down so we can pass savings on to you.

Our contact information

By email: Send an e-mail to Shane.

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BIAS Hammock Gear
2023 Robert Johnson Rd
Covington, TN, 38019

By phone:
Shane - 901-568-2314

Shipping Information: We're a couple of guys with other jobs, but we strive to fill orders quickly. Most orders ship within two business days and are sent via USPS Priority Mail to arrive within seven days. The vast majority of orders arrive within 3-5 days. Custom orders may take longer to fill.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: If your order is incorrect, we'll make it right; additionally, we'll repair or replace equipment that is damaged or broken due to defects in workmanship for up to one year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why a BIAS Hammock? Butt in a Sling hammocks are triple stitched, gathered-end hammocks made of low stretch materials, including polyester and nylon. They're stitched in the U.S.A., are made with quality materials and all efforts are made to ensure quality control.

BIAS also guarantees these hammocks for one year from the date of purchase to be free from defective workmanship. If the stitches fail, send it back and we'll replace it or fix it.

We're enthusiasts, like you, who love to get outdoors and hang.

What's the importance of polyester straps? We looked at nylon slings (and own some) and found the stretch and memory make it sag deeper and deeper through a long hang. In fact, the most expensive straps we tried have the highest stretch! We thought we could do better.

We considered polypropylene and found it to have poor abrasion resistance and the fabric is, generally, weaker for the same weight and thickness than polyester.

Polyester webbing offers a cost-effective, low-stretch, abrasion resistant material that can withstand the strain of a hang with little or no stretch. And it dries quickly, comparing favorably to nylon and polypro. Try our slings and see!

What is AmSteel? AmSteel is a braided rope/cord with using the Dyneema (TM) fiber that brings unbelievable strength with low stretch to a cord that's light weight and that floats. It does not absorb water and it outlasts wire cord. It is used as mooring lines in nautical applications. It's a great replacement material for hammock cords and it can be used to make knots that could replace hardware like carabiners hanging hooks and more for ultralight campers.

What is a Whoopie Sling? A Whoopie Sling is an adjustable cord with loops on either end made from thin, but super strong 7/64 diameter AmSteel. It uses a tension system much like a Chinese finger trap, a simple pull of a line one way or the other ads several feet of flexibility to a hammock hanging system, but when pressure is applied to each end, the cord locks down. Our slings will support 1,000 pounds on each end of the hammock.

What are toggles? These are simple, small hollow tubes that can be used as part of a connection system between a whoopie and a BIAS strap or between a hammock and a BIAS strap. The toggle is inserted though the loop end and a whoopie or another connection cord is looped over it with the load focused on the strap above the toggle. It applies most of the pressure to the strap.

I still have questions... Call us at 901-568-2314. We're working guys so your call may go to voicemail but we'll do our best to answer. Also feel free to direct emails to shane@buttinasling.com or to shane@buttinasling.com.