Fixed Ridgeline

Fixed Ridgeline
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Experts say the perfect fixed ridgeline is 83 percent of a hammock's length (give or take an inch or two), meaning the 90-inch ridgeline is perfect for a 9-foot hammock and the 102 is ideal for a 10-foot hammock. BIAS hammocks are 11 feet long and customarily come with the 108 ridgeline, though some people prefer more or less sag depending on their comfort zone. These ridgelines are offered for non-BIAS hammocks or for your BIAS if you have a particular length you prefer.

* - BIAS recommends the 108-inch ridgeline for BIAS 11 foot hammocks. If you order a hammock from us, a 108-ridgeline is standard equipment and is included in your purchase already. This option is for replacements, spares and backups or for other brand hammocks.