Hiker Lite

Hiker Lite
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Perfect for the senior in his favorite college's colors! If you don't see what you want, shoot us an email and we'll match the color! Order by April 15 if you want to guarantee it in time for graduation.

The Hiker Lite is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon in the park, woods, in your yard or on the trail!

Available in single and double layer models, the Hiker Lite is inexpensive enough to meet any budget and comes custom made in your favorite color. It also packs small, is large enough for a good night's sleep and weighs little enough to make a great trail hammock!

Made of a soft polyester material that's low on stretch and that has a taffeta-like feel, the Hiker Lite measures a tremendously comfortable and long 132" x 55" and weighs 9.5 or 19 ounces (single and double layer respectively). Due to the hand-crafted nature of this hammock, exact measurements may vary slightly.

For an extra touch of style, try the Double Layer which has a great look, added durability and that offers an insertion area for a pad for back warmth.

The weight capacity of the Double Layer Hiker Lite is 350 lbs. and the single is good up to 200 lbs. Both ship with a 9 foot ridgeline and come in a hammock bag.

*The HL comes in single and double layer options. When selecting a single layer, leave double layer color set at "none." When choosing a double layer color, the primary hammock choice will be the inside layer (the one you lie on) with the Double Layer selection being the outside layer.


Length - 132 inches

Width - 55 inches

Weight - 9 oz. for single layer, 18 ounces for double layer

Ridgeline - Included. Fixed, 108 inches

Bag - Matching, included with cordlock

Style - Stitched channels with continuous loop.

Weight Capacity - 200 lbs. (350 lbs. for double layer)

Material - Lightweight 30D polyester taffeta

Stretch in material - nearly none


Most of the colors of the Hiker Lite are represented well. The Carolina blue is a little muted in this shot. The Kelly Green is not included.

In the package

- Hammock with AmSteel continuous loops threaded through the end (they fit Dutchware whoopie hooks).

-A separate bag made for the hammock with a cord and cord lock to cinch it shut.

- 9 foot fixed ridgeline unless you opt for the adjustable ridgeline upgrade. RL is made of 2.2 mm Zing It.

- Optional suspension kit includes a set of straps (72" or 100"), 3-inch aluminum toggles and set of whoopie slings. This is everything you need to get hanging. For a quick connection, consider adding Dutchware whoopie hooks.

Upgrades - Carabiners can be used to connect your hammock to the whoopies for ease of use. We use CAMP USA Nano 23 carabiners that weigh 23 grams each to minimize the weight.

Ridgelines - All BIAS hammocks come with a 9 foot fixed ridgeline unless you opt for an adjustable ridgeline. Both are made of the same super strong line, but the adjustable can be used to "dial in" the best possible sag. However a fixed ridgeline is set to the industry standard 83 percent of hammock length and while an adjustable ridgeline may be accidentally be moved, a fixed ridgeline preserves the right sag every time. We prefer a fixed RL, but an adjustable can be a critical part of your kit, especially if you're trying to tweak your hang.