Buginator Installation

1. Find the bottom opening of your Buginator. This is a large diameter opening with bungee cord running through the channel.


2. Work your hand through to one of the small suspension holes. It is a smaller opening with reinforced stitching and a smaller bungee cord channel.


3. Disconnect your hammock from its suspension.


4. Take the channel loop of the hammock and thread it through the large opening and out one of the smaller openings of the bug net.


5. Disconnect the other end of your suspension and thread it through the same way. Pull the large opening over the hammock channel loop and work the channel loop of your hammock out the other smaller suspension hole.


6. Cinch the suspension cords down on both ends of your hammock.



7. Enter through the bottom of the hammock and cinch up the bottom bungee cord. Don't over do it. You want it snug, but not tight. It should create a bug-free seal against your center of gravity (your seat area) underneath the hammock. Overtightening can damage your buginator.