Suspension Kit

Suspension Kit
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The BIAS Suspension System is the perfect, lightweight way to support almost any hammock. Weighing 4 oz. with 72-inch straps, this kit is designed to help you dial in on the perfect hang for your hammock.

The system includes:

1) 1 inch by 72-inch or 100-inch polyester straps in your choice of black or camo with three inch loops stitched in each end. Polyester offers the best combination of price, abrasion resistance, lack of stretch and UV protection, surpassing both nylon and polypropylene.

2) Whoopie slings made from 12 feet of AmSteel Blue that are incredibly strong, light and adjustable. Ours are beaded to prevent "pull through" of the movable eye end. Whoopies are an awesome way to find the right hang and ours work with trees from 12-18 feet apart.

3) A pair of aluminum toggles threaded with cord to make them easy to attach to parts of your suspension system to prevent loss. Our toggles are cut from arrows and are 3 inches long and weigh about 3 grams each.