Nano Buginator

Now for the same price as the original, the Nano Buginator is a zipperless net made from noseeum material with two openings for your hammock's suspension that will cinch tight with bungee cord. It rests on a standard ridgeline and drapes over you with the opening on the bottom, underneath your center of gravity (we're all adults here, right? Well, this means your butt). You pull the bottom of the net up, step inside of it, sit in your hammock and swing in. Once in, you reach under the side of the hammock and pull the bottom up to you where you tighten the bungee cord using the included cordlock. When you release it, it pulls back underneath you, with the bungee cord creating a seal underneath you that is not much more than a small circle. To step out, pull the bottom up, uncinch the lock and step out of the net.

Sound complicated? It's not.

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