Bags & Stuff Sacks

Bags & Stuff Sacks
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Our stuff sacks are made of breathable ripstop nylon. Colors vary but most commonly include red, green, black, blue, gray and navy. The cinch tops are made with paracord using standard cordlocks. The sizes indicated are the fabric sizes after stitching. Rounded bottoms add a different dimension and may not be exact. All bags can be used to hang with a simple keychain biner or with a larkshead knot in the paracord/bag to hang from your hammock ridgeline and store items.

Round bottom bags are actually squared off at the bottom with special stitching, but these bags are excellent carriers for hammocks, Jetboil (TM) style stove kits, or 700 ML cooking pots (opt for the 7x9 for these items) or use the 30x40 for larger items like sleeping bags. The 9x12 bags make great "shaving kit" style hygiene bags (shaving cream, razor, other hygiene travel items) and are handy and lightweight.

Flat bottom bags are great for items without a great deal of thickness. These might include tent stakes, a handheld GPS, books, plates/bowls and more. These bags are simple bags with an even stitch across the bottom. In other words, they're ideal for storing flat or thin items. These also make great small hygiene sacks for your soap, shampoo, antiperspirant, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Double ended bags are great for hammock campers who want to keep the bag gathered at the end of the hammock when it is deployed. Larger double ended bags can be purchased as optional equipment for folks who want to deploy a hammock with bugnet, suspension and ridgeline from a single bag without breaking the items apart every time they are packed away. Paracord draw openings are put on each end of the bag with cordlocks for cinching them shut.